What is your cancellation policy?

Any order can be cancelled before the item is dropped off at the carrier. We make drops at both 8AM and 5PM each day. Please use our contact page to request an cancellation.

What’s your return policy?

Any item that is unopened can be returned for a refund at the buyer’s shipping expense. A 15% restocking fee may apply for some orders. We also offer exchanges for items that are deemed defective. Refunds will be processed within 24 hours after we receive the item.

Where can I leave a review?

Aww, thanks for thinking about us. We would appreciate it if you left reviews on our Amazon listings. Just select the product you purchased from your order list, scroll to the ‘reviews’ section, and let us know how you really feel.

How do I get Free Shipping?

Easy! All orders over $40 or more receive free USPS First Class or Priority Shipping. Buy more, get more, pay less.


Where else can I order your products?

We sell on a variety of sites like Amazon, Ebay, and Google so our customers can access our products without having to create extra accounts. You will also find all of our products right here on BLKsensenow.com where we offer exclusive deals (tell your friends).

What’s this white stuff on my new soap?

To be perfectly clear, this is NOT mold. The high glycerin content of the soap pulls moisture from the air, giving it a thin white film. Running the bar under water or even rubbing it gently will remove this film.

Help! My Soap Saver Bag’s color is leaking! Is this ok?

Yes. We dye each Soap Saver Bag ourselves using a NON-TOXIC Rit dye and run them through an intense rinsing process 3 times before drying and packaging. The residual dye that leaks out is a result of the soap reacting with the dye and will wash out after a few uses.

For more information please see the RIT information page.

Will African Black Soap irritate or burn my skin?

Like all soaps, some of the various ingredients can cause some to experience allergic reactions and certain skin types to dry out quicker, resulting in irritation. For the best results, a moisturizer should be applied to your skin daily.  If the problem persists longer than a week, please stop use immediately.

Is this only for black people? (Yes, we get this question)

No. African Black Soap can be used by anyone seeking the benefits of healthy and radiant skin. It does not discriminate against skin color, only skin conditions. You purchase can help us finally rid the world of unhealthy skin!

What skin conditions can African Black Soap help with?

Well.. a ton (but not literally). Many use it to heal burns, sores, acne scars, and to treat psoriasis, eczema, dermatitis, and more.

Why is my body bar so lumpy and uneven?

All of our bar soap is hand cut into 4oz bars from larger blocks and individually wrapped for your benefit. Other shops usually just ship you a brick of soap in cling-wrap and make you cut it yourself. But stick around, we’re looking at new packaging methods for future products.