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BLKsense is a black-owned skincare company based out of Arlington, Virginia. We provide all natural skincare products and accessories (I know right, sooo unique 🙄). What sets us apart from the other’s is our spotlight product, “Authentic” African Black Soap imported from West Africa. This soap has been a staple of countries like Nigeria and Ghana for hundreds of years, due to it’s healing and exfoliation properties. Our goal is to deliver this product to our customers in its traditional form using modern approach.

The Competition

Most black soaps you will find in stores and online are similar in nature but not authentic. Both soaps share a lot of the same ingredients, but the commercially available options use refined ingredients, artificial colors, preservatives, and alcohols to make it look more appealing to the average shopper. A lot of the natural healing properties are lost in this refinement process, making it less appealing to those in search of chemical free skincare products. Sometimes you’ll even see it referred to as “Fake African Black Soap.” And we’re not joking. Take the next 30 seconds to see for yourself. Go ahead, we’ll wait…

Real African Black Soap can be found in many places both online and in local markets, but as pointed out before it’s usually not as appealing. The lumpy, brown and black speckled soap is usually sold in 1-2lb bricks and is wrapped in the same plastic you’d use to keep your dinner leftovers fresh.

Why Choose Us?

We wanted to try something a little different. All of our bars are hand-cut and molded into 4oz bars, then wrapped in premium eco-friendly packaging. Our customers receive the full healing benefits of the soap without being intimidated by unfamiliar practices and the manual labor of cutting their own soap like it’s the 1600s. We also sell a variety of bathroom accessories hand selected to intensify and extend the life of our products.

BLKsense works with suppliers around the globe to offer their traditional products to a wider market. We hope to offer more soaps and natural products soon, so stay tuned. Your skin will thank you!

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Our Soap

We leave out all the sulfates, silicones, and parabens you find in commercial soaps and shampoos, just leaving the all-natural ingredients like shea butter, coconut oil, cocoa pods, and plantain ash skins. As tasty as it sounds, no… you can’t eat it. You can use it to improve your daily life though! But just like your skincare routine and stuff. This soap will not make you rich or famous, but if it does let us know. We could really use the promotion 😅

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